Healthy Living for International Students in Georgia

It is no secret that Georgia’s traditional cuisine is not the healthiest food option. As students, it is crucial to live a healthy life since your way of life also determines and affects your academic studies. This article will help students navigate the healthy lifestyle they were leading in their home country and wish to continue in Georgia.

Physical Activity Options

Oktopus Fitness has three branches; the cheapest price starts at 195 Lari a month. With the new Oktopus app, Oktopus club members can check in, book group fitness classes, freeze a membership, and refer a friend to the club to get a special discount. Snap Fitness, located at 12 Merab Aleksidze St., stands at a price as low as 30 GEL for a day pass and 225 GEL per month. If you are into boxing, check out the 12 Rounds Boxing Club. They have two branches, Vake and Saburtalo, and their subscription includes unlimited group workouts: boxing, functional exercises, and yoga. If you feel like swimming, Vake Swimming Pool is the way to go. It’s close to the Webster Campus and has a variety of subscriptions available in different price ranges. All packages include a swimming pool, fitness room, Finnish and steam saunas, hot and cold jacuzzis, table tennis, an outdoor terrace, a health certificate, and two towels per visit.

As the winter is approaching and it’s time to switch to winter sports, luckily, Arena Sports Complex has opened a new ice skating rink for all interested individuals. The renovated indoor swimming pool in the Saburtalo area is part of a large sports complex with a gym, fitness facilities, and sauna, separately for men and women. An open veranda for sunbathing, a massage cabinet, a cafeteria, and a beauty salon are also available. One day entry for Arena Complex is 30 lari; eight entries will cost you 140 lari; the daytime pass is 165 lari per month; and you get unlimited access for 210 lari.

Food Options

There are plenty of healthy food options in Tbilisi, such as Ska Juice Bar, which has a salad bar. It’s very close to Webster University, Georgia, so if you want something quick to grab for your lunch break between lectures, Ska is the way to go! They have gluten-free sandwiches, salad options, and juices; additionally, they have a calorie count on every label, so if you are on a strict diet, it will serve you with excellent assistance. Oktopus Café is a food spot located within the Oktopus gym. If you are on the go and looking for something healthy, buying it after or before your workouts is very convenient. Café Dro by BCA Kitchen, located in Vake, is a breakfast/brunch place. It offers a variety of healthy alternatives to everyday food options. If you don’t have time throughout the day to cook meals or go to cafes,, and Balance’s planned meal delivery service will help you a lot. It’s a straightforward process; you visit their website and get a subscription to your desired calorie meal plan. They deliver meals every morning right to your door in very compact packaging, so you can take them throughout the day.

In conclusion, if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle in Tbilisi, consider yourself lucky—there are many options you can choose from!

By Tinatin Grdzelishvili