The Importance of Global Citizenship to the Student Lifestyle

Global citizenship is becoming more and more critical in the 21st century. Each university or school should emphasize its importance because each student should know their social responsibility and the importance of following social equality and diversity in society. People who follow global citizenship should be able to respect the value of justice and equity.

Webster University gives us a chance to fully understand the importance of global citizenship because it allows us to study the Global Citizenship program and helps us face the problems of the modern world and know how to solve them. It really gives us a chance to talk about the world’s problems. It gives us a chance to have different opinions on its solutions, and global citizenship really helps us to support the opinions of each other and support diversity because we could have different political or social views. Still, we should be tolerant towards each other, and it can have a positive effect on students’ communication because the core values could improve relations by giving support. The paramount importance of global citizenship is that it connects the different nations and is very important to maintain cultural diversity. It gives us a chance to know the various aspects of each nation. It helps us learn a lot about the geographic or historical aspects of each nation or their attitudes towards each issue. Our university is international, and it gives us a chance to meet people from around the world. Global citizenship helps us make cultural adaptations in communication and encourage each other.

Also, it helps us connect Georgian culture to other ones because our country has always been tolerant towards other nations and has always been multicultural. It also supports the values of empathy and global citizenship. It gives us a chance to have more touch with the issues connected to politics or global issues, gives us a chance to have an individual opinion on each issue, and supports the importance of discussion because discussion helps us be good listeners to each other. We should be able to know how to act or how we should communicate to be ethical.

I think this issue is significant for our generation because each human is an individual, and each human has different values or beliefs. Still, we should be able to have appropriate behavior on each issue. Global citizenship helps us support the values of human rights, justice, humanism, and freedom.

By Giorgi Batiashvili